Operators in charge of entering data from documents needed for customs declarations.


Identify, digitalise, analyse, format and integrate document data in the customs via conex™ solution


Based on AI technology, OCR via conex™
is a solution which has been integrated into
the via conex™ software suite


A technological evolution providing efficient support for declarants’ ever-changing work

Thanks to artificial intelligence technology, the OCR via conex™ module identifies useful data for customs declarations in documents, digitises, analyses and formats them to integrate them directly into its customs clearance solutions, precisely where the declarants need them.


Avoid customs declaration data entry

By developing this new application in its customs software suite, CONEX saves operators from the time-consuming and tedious work of manual data entry. Relevant data elements are automatically extracted on the fly from international trade-related workflow documents, thus accelerating and securing all customs processing.

Digitalisation document customs Conex


character recognition solution that extracts data from your scanned documents (invoices, packing list for example).

Intelligent capture that targets and records
information you need in your
customs processes.


Intelligent capture that targets and records
information you need in your
customs processes.


A self-learning solution that is enriched to deploy its full power
after you’ve processed only a few documents

Digitalisation document customs Conex


Information automatically routed and associated with the corresponding fields in your master files, LOGISTICOMS™ and/or lines of your customs declarations via conex™.

The advantages of OCR via conex™ for your customs processes

  • Saving time, gaining in productivity
  • Eliminating data entry errors, less stress for operators
  • Securing customs processes
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Ease of deployment